SHE’S FAR FROM HOLLYWOOD is out and the reviews are coming in (see below)!hollywood-front

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Check out some of the lovely comments from readers (thank you!) and (if you don’t want to wait on maybe winning one), don’t forget to buy your own copy of “She’s Far From Hollywood” and pre-order “Nora’s Guy Next Door.”

“The connection between Cole and Bree was tangible. I laughed with them at their banter and play, I swooned from the intense passion their shared, I was in tears from the torment and hurt they had to go through, and I cheered for them to find their ‘home’, their place in the world, their peace of mind, and ability to move on with life.”

“Can I just say that I love love love your book!!!”

“The way the author deals with the hero’s PTSD is written in one of the most original and meaningful ways that I’ve read yet.”

“But the author has managed to intertwine joy and humor in a subtle way even to the direst scenes where your heart is aching to the characters, you have tears in your eyes, yet you are smiling because, in midst of it all, there’s pride, bliss, and wonder of life.”

“It was an awesome read, I was on the edge of my seat.”

“I love the delicate balance of respect and honesty Ms. McNally gave to the veterans and PTSD. She made Cole real, showing how a man could be strong and fragile at the same time.”

“A beautifully written love story about two completely opposite people who find healing and love with each other.”

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