Excerpt: She’s Far From Hollywood

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He meant to wake her without startling her. Really, he did. But the porch swing rocked unexpectedly when he put his hand on the chain, nearly sending Bree to the floor and causing her to sit up with a jolt. Their eyes met, and he couldn’t help but admire the fire he saw flaring up in her emerald glare. She was like a wild horse just looking to be tamed, and he wanted to be the one to tame her.


He scolded himself mentally for thinking such a stupid thing, and her voice sliced into him to remind him why.

“What the hell are you doing here? And why are you trying to throw me on the floor? What do you want?” She blinked, trying to catch her bearings.  

“I’m an invited dinner guest, Hollywood. I’m sorry for startling you, but dinner’s ready.” He couldn’t resist giving her a jab. “And real farmers don’t sleep while the sun’s still up.”

Her eyes narrowed as she stood. Even in flat sandals, she was only a few inches shorter than him. What little she lacked in height, she made up for in spirit.

“Don’t give me that crap.” Her lips curled in anger. “I’ve worked my ass off since I got here, and I’ll keep working as long as I stay. Now excuse me, but I’m going to see if Nell needs my help with anything. I didn’t know we were having company tonight, but it figures you wouldn’t turn down a free meal.” She brushed past him with her head held high, looking like god-damned royalty as she slammed the screen door closed behind her.


It seemed as if all their conversations ended with her storming off mad as a hornet. But she sure put on a fine show while doing it. He followed her into the house in bemused silence.

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