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And the title is…….

She’s Far From Hollywood

That’s right, folks – the book has an official title! I sent a lengthy list of possibilities (including suggestions from followers!) to Harlequin, and my editor selected She’s Far From Hollywood. That’s the title of the manuscript formerly known as The Hide-Away. And since the book takes place on a Carolina farm, “she” is definitely far from Hollywood!

I’m very happy with the title (it was one of my suggestions), and I’m thrilled that I can now start promoting the book in earnest. It’s not easy to promote a book when you don’t know what the title is! I’ve already worked my way through the website and updated several pages.

Happy couple face to face

And while I’m still using my little artwork for promos online, this will NOT be the cover. Harlequin is still hard at work on a cover, and I promise to share as soon as it’s available.

I provided them with three possible scenes to build the cover around – and I had to give them a LOT of detail on each scene. Season? Time of day? Setting? Mood? Clothing? Activity? Whew!

The scenes I suggested were, of course, three of my favorites:

  1. Bree riding on the tractor with Cole. This happens early on in their relationship, and they’re still wary of each other. They’ve argued, but once Bree climbs up on the tractor to deliver sweet tea to Cole, they take a ride and start actually talking to each other.
  2. Bree and Cole in the hayloft. It’s hot. They’re sweaty. Tempers are frayed. And then she ends up in his arms and their lips are sooooo close. It’s the not-quite-kiss that’s steamier than most kisses!
  3. Bree and Cole watching the sunrise from the back of Cole’s pick-up, wrapped up in blankets and each other. This is quite a bit further along in their relationship, and Bree gets to see Cole’s more sensitive side as their closely-guarded hearts start to thaw.

Those were my suggestions, but who knows? They might come up with something completely different. Since Harlequin is the number one publisher of romance novels in the world, I’m very happy to let them decide the best way to go, but boy, I am SO anxious to see the cover art!!!!!!

Mark it on your calendars: She’s Far From Hollywood will be available in February 2017 from Harlequin Superromance. While it won’t be on store shelves, it will be available online from Harlequin, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. You’ll be able to order it in paperback or e-book versions. And if you order the paperback version, and we meet somewhere, I’ll be happy to sign it for you!

Next week, I’ll share my music playlist for She’s Far From Hollywood – songs that inspired scenes, songs that I imagine playing at the bar (still called The Hide-Away), and songs that were part of my soundtrack while I wrote the book. Some you’ll recognize, but there may be a few surprises. You might discover a new favorite!


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