A Love Story in a Song

It probably won’t surprise you that romance writers are very often inspired by music. Love songs touch the soul in a very special way, and on “Music Mondays” I’m going to share some of my inspirations. My tastes vary widely, so sometimes, like today, it will be country music (country songs tell such great stories!). But you’ll see quite a mix of music, from pop to blues to oldies to whatever.

Today’s song was a partial inspiration for my novella, Meet Me in the Middle, which is part of the Falling For You anthology coming out on October 17th: ten small town romances by ten Harlequin Superromance authors. While the words aren’t exactly the story in Meet Me, the mood is very similar. The characters knew each other forever, but in the book, it’s the guy that leaves town for awhile. In the song, it’s the woman. But the mood is right, and “Greatest Love Story” by LANCO really is a complete small town love story in a song.

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