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Teaser Tuesday: It’s Release Day!

Falling For You Description (1)It’s RELEASE DAY for the Falling For You Anthology – ten small town romances set in the fall, all written by best-selling, award winning Harlequin Superromance authors (including me!). My story, Meet Me in the Middle, is a second chance romance. And here’s a little excerpt. Sarah is a schoolteacher, and she finds her old crush and best friend’s brother in the school parking lot, talking to some of her young students. He’s such a bad boy himself, and oh, so tempting…..

“Is this your bike, Mr. Conway? It’s sick!” Ricky didn’t remove his hands until he caught Sarah’s expression. Sometimes she wondered if her “teacher’s glare” would just freeze on her face someday. “Is it okay if I sit on it?”

“Sure, but only if I’m holding it.”

“Can you start it?”

“While you’re on it? Nice try, kid. No.”

“Come on! Just a quick ride around the parking…”

“Not without your parents’ permission and a helmet that fits.”

Sarah stared at him, dumbfounded.  “No one’s riding Mr. Conway’s motorcycle, or sitting on it. Motorcycles are dangerous.”

Ben’s mouth fell open, and he started to laugh. “If it’s so dangerous, why did you take a ride on it Saturday night?”

Ten little heads swung her direction in unison, eyes wide.

“Myth Jones, you rode a motorcycle? Really?” Darius looked even more shocked than her mother had been. Ricky, however, was looking at her in something close to awe. Much of tomorrow’s class would be spent fielding questions about what it was like to ride a motorcycle.  

“I let Mr. Conway give me a short ride home. It was very scary.” Ben and Ricky scoffed in unison. The truth was she’d felt a little thrill riding in the cold night air, with her arms around a very warm Ben.

“I call BS on…” Ben caught himself. “I mean, Miss Jones is just trying to be funny. I bet what she really wants is to ride the motorcycle again. Would you like me to give you a ride, Miss Jones?”

She ignored the temptation and turned toward her car, tossing her answer over her shoulder.

“No, thank you, Mr. Conway. I have my own transportation. And these children need to get home. And you need to…go do something, I’m sure.” Hoping he’d take the hint, she walked away and didn’t look back until she got to her car. The boys were dispersing, but Ben sat on his bike watching her. He nodded in her direction, started the motorcycle, and drove off.

She stood by her car and, just like Saturday night, watched until he was out of sight, doing her best to tell herself she didn’t want to chase after him.

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