Music Monday – The Rest of Our Life

This is a brand new song that really caught my ear, and my heart. You can’t go wrong with superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who have been married for 21 years (same as Himself and I).

The video surprised me at first, because they are having one heck of an argument through most of it. But the reality of it all hit home with me – every marriage has its ups and downs and passes through different phases. I’ve had my share of stomping-away-in-anger moments.

But then there’s that little smile, a twinkle in the eye that says “you know we’re being silly” and you both realize your love is bigger and deeper than whatever stupid thing you’re arguing about. And whatever comes, remembering that you’re in this thing with each other for the long haul can carry you through “those storm clouds brewing…”

Yeah, this one belongs on the romance playlist, for sure…….

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