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Southern Summers are Scarlett O’Hara

JB Scarlett SpringSouthern summers are Scarlett O’Hara. Warm weather flounces in without warning in March, and the pear trees burst into puffy white blossoms overnight. Within a week or two, the azaleas and dogwoods follow, filling yards with lush colors. Spring is a lot like Scarlett at the picnic – splashy, overdone and looking to be the center of attention.

JB Scarlett Summer


Summer storms are as strong and gritty (and sweaty!) as Scarlett rebuilding Tara.


JB Scarlett FallAnd when summer has to go? Well, fall is a narrow-eyed, angry Scarlett. “You’re done with me? Well, guess what? I’m done with you first!” Unlike my native New England, where the leaves take their time changing colors, building to a glorious peak of color in October; in coastal North Carolina, fall is a temper tantrum of Scarlett proportions. Trees go from green to brown quickly here. And don’t blink, because just as quickly, those same leaves curl up and die, flinging themselves to the ground in one last act of defiance and leaving barren trees behind.

And we’re left to wonder when spring will sweep into town again…..

Meet Me in the Middle, Nora's Guy Next Door, The Writing Life, Whatever Wednesday

Whatever Wednesday – A Timeline

GL StoriesIt’s #WhateverWednesday, and today’s “whatever” is the timeline of how my October novella, Meet Me in the Middle (part of the Falling For You anthology released yesterday) and Nora’s Guy Next Door (Harlequin Superromance) fit together. They both take place in Gallant Lake, NY, and are stand-alone stories. Chronologically in the stories, however, Meet Me in the Middle happens first – it starts in October, and runs into early November. During Thanksgiving Week, Nora meets Asher for the first time in the opening scene of Nora’s Guy Next Door (just a week or so after Ben and Sarah work things out on a mountain road).

There are a couple of characters who show up in each story: Sheriff Dan (although very briefly and “off stage” in Meet Me), and Cathy of Crazy Cathy’s Caffeine Cafe. Those readers with a sharp eye will get a clue in Meet Me of what’s going to happen with the cafe in Nora’s Guy Next Door (what does that sign say that Ben spies in Cathy’s window?). Will there be more stories from Gallant Lake – a fictional town in the Catskill Mountains? Absolutely!

My Life, The Writing Life, Whatever Wednesday

Whatever Wednesday – What’s Going On Here?

Through TreesFor those of you who have been following me a while (thank you!), you may be wondering what on earth is happening – you’re seeing me pop up in your inbox every day this week!

Please bear with me, as I’m trying to figure out how to get this social media business under control. I don’t know if I’ll continue to use the website as my main platform, but I’m trying it out. You’ll also see the appearance of the website shift around as I rework it this month. Website design is not my thing, but I’m learning! So please be patient over the next few weeks.

And one more reason not to give up on following my website? Followers here and on my soon-to-be-unveiled newsletter will get exclusive content….like special contests and an upcoming Christmas short story featuring Nora and Asher from Nora’s Guy Next Door that will only be shared right here.

Here’s the deal – I love being in contact with my readers and fellow authors. I love sharing stories and pictures and laughs and book news. But keeping up with my pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and whatever other new thing comes along can be a HUGE time drain. And time is precious to me. I’m still working a 9-5 job, plus my writing, so I’m basically working TWO full time jobs, and I’d kinda like to have a life somewhere in there, too. So I’m experimenting with ways to keep my social media timely and interactive, but in a place where I’m not spending too much of my romance-writing time managing it.

I’m trying a new schedule across all my platforms:

Music Monday: Links to some of my favorite tunes off my “Writing Romance” playlist

Teaser Tuesday: Excerpts from my books and works in progress

Whatever Wednesday: Just what it sounds like – whatever!

Throwback Thursday: A little nostalgia and more than a few laughs!

Friday Funday: Something silly to celebrate the weekend

I hope you enjoy it – and please, fellow writers and readers, if you have any tips on how to do this social media adventure more effectively, please share!