Gallant Lake Stories

The Catskills resort town you came to love in the final two books of the Lowery Women series has more stories to tell, and they’ll be told by Harlequin Special Edition™! The renovated Gallant Lake Resort is open for business, which is good news for Gallant Lake. New faces. New jobs. New opportunities…for love.

Water Trust w_cover   Copy of Copy of GL Christmas


Also Coming to Gallant Lake in 2020: 

Her Homecoming Wish: Sheriff Dan is a former bad boy who’s now a single dad on the straight and narrow. Mack is a former goody-two-shoes looking for a walk on the wild side after her husband dumped her for someone “more interesting”. They knew each other in high school (she was his best friend’s kid sister), but so much has changed…or has it? [February 2020]

Nate and Brittany: Nate is a laid-back guy whose passion is antiques and history and running the family’s hardware store. He’s “Mr. Gallant Lake” and will do anything to preserve the character of the town he loves. Brittany is a driven real estate investor representing a company that wants to turn Gallant Lake into a modern vacation mecca with none of its original so-called “charm.” Nate and Brittany may be opponents in public, but their personal chemistry can’t be denied. [Fall 2020]

Available on KU as part of the Falling For You Anthology:Meet Me Graphic (1)