Her Homecoming Wish

Gallant Lake Stories #3

“You’re all about following the rules now?


Mackenzie Wallace hopes there’s still some bad boy lurking beneath single father Danny Adams’s upright exterior. Being the proverbial good girl left her brokenhearted and alone in the past. Now she’s back in town and wants excitement with her high school crush—not love. Dan knows their connection runs deep, despite Mackenzie’s protests. But will their new personas work together—especially when Dan’s secret is exposed?

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Dan was a man who was trained to be constantly aware of his surroundings. It didn’t turn off just because he was off-duty. It never turned off. But he didn’t even hear the approaching car until it was racing past them, a bunch of teens hanging out the windows hooting and hollering. Mack flinched, but he tightened his grip on her. Those high school kids would never recognize his bike—he hadn’t had it out in years. And they’d never guess dear old Sheriff Dan would be necking with some blonde at the maple syrup stand.

The absurdity of it set off a bubble of laughter deep in his chest. He tried to hold it in, until he realized Mack was shaking with laughter, too. He lifted his head, and immediately missed the warm comfort of her lips. Her eyes shimmered with humor and heat. She moved one hand to his cheek, smacking him playfully.

“People our age usually know better than to have a make-out session in the broad daylight on the side of the road.” She tipped her head toward the bike. “Is this a side-effect of that?”

“Do motorcycles make women horny? Sometimes.”

Her playful smack got a little bit sharper on the side of his face. “Women? Excuse me, officer, but you’re the one who seems to have a thing for throwing me up against walls and trees and stuff.”

 “Yeah, I do, don’t I?” He kissed her again, sliding her around behind the tree as he did. She giggled against his mouth. The sensation was electric. Her laughter. Her body, all soft and warm. Her mouth moving against his, doing her own exploring. Kissing this woman was like handling dynamite.

Another car went by, but they were out of sight now, and neither of them had any intention of stopping. Which was nuts, right? They were in Paul’s front yard for crying out loud. On a Thursday afternoon. He gave a deep groan of frustration. Mack clutched at him, probably guessing he was going to pull away. This wasn’t the time or the place. He lifted his head, and now it was Mack’s turn to groan. She grabbed at his shirt, but he took a step back. Time for a reality check.

“Mack...It’s four o’clock in the afternoon. And we haven’t even talked about...anything.” The corner of his mouth lifted. “I know you want to be adventurous, but going any further out here is a little too far, isn’t it?”

She raised her fingers to her lips and nodded. “Right. Of course. Sure.”

Another vehicle—a truck—went by at a rate well above the speed limit. She flinched, then stepped away from the tree. He watched her eyes, which dimmed for a moment before brightening again. Her mouth curved into a sly smile. She patted his chest and walked by him toward the bike.

“I guess there’s a little Danger Dan in there after all.”

That was exactly what he was afraid of.

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