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SHE’S FAR FROM HOLLYWOOD – The Lowery Women #1

February 2017 – Harlequin Superromance

hollywood-frontBree Mathews is a former beauty queen, former reality TV star, and the former wife of a former Sexiest Man Alive. A stalker sends her running from her Malibu mansion, and she ends up on a small North Carolina farm. When she meets her sullen neighbor, Army veteran Cole Caldwell, the sparks fly, but not the pretty kind. As the locals teach her about country living, Bree starts to wonder if her Hollywood life with all those “formers” is really worth it. She discovers there’s more to Cole than just moodiness. He’s trying to handle his PTSD on his own, but when he loses someone close he spins out of control, and Bree puts it all on the line to save him. But is Cole ready to be rescued?

NORA’S GUY NEXT DOOR – The Lowery Women #2

October 2017 – Harlequin Superromance

FullSizeRender (1)Nora Lowery Bradford loves to plan – her lists have lists. But her plans go up in baby powder when her daughter announces she’s not only pregnant, but in love and about to get married to a young man named Michael! These kids are going to need her help. Michael’s father, Asher, is just as upset as Nora about the unexpected pregnancy, but for far different reasons. He’s trying to control what he can and protect his son. When Nora buys the coffee shop next door to his studio in Gallant Lake, they both learn that sometimes life has plans of its own.



WINNING IT ALL – The Lowery Women #3 [working title – work in progress]:

2018 – Harlequin Superromance

Inspiration BoardShane Brannigan has always had the Luck o’ the Irish, rejecting a job at the family investment firm to create his own career as a sports agent. Known as “The Dealmaker”, life is good and everything is going his way. Supermodel Melanie Lowery is a walking success story to anyone looking from the outside. But few people know she’s struggling with addiction, and has no idea what she’s going to do now that she’s left the intense world of modeling behind. All she wants is peace and healing. When she meets Shane’s client, young golf phenom Tori Sutter, she sees herself in the stressed-out teen and wants to help the girl navigate sudden fame. Shane doesn’t want anyone interfering with Tori’s career, but the girl has bonded with the tall, feisty beauty. He’s starting to bond with her, too, but she’s talking about settling down in the small town of Gallant Lake, and Shane’s not a small town guy. When he gets a shot at a big league job in LA, he has a decision to make.

STRONG ENOUGH – The Lowery Women #4 [working title – work in progress]

2018 – Harlequin Books

Cassie Lowery is trying to get a fresh start, but her past won’t let her. A victim of abuse, she doesn’t like big, bold, ex-cops. Too many memories. But when Nick West comes into her life, she starts rethinking her choices. Maybe he’s right – maybe she’s hiding from life and missing too much. She needs security, but Nick shows her she doesn’t need to rely on others for that. She can take care of herself. But will she learn that lesson a little too well? Will she decide she doesn’t need him? And is he willing to let her go?


HALCYON (coming someday…):                   

A woman unable to trust. A man unwilling to love. And the slightly haunted American castle that brings them together. Blake Randall is a powerful man who clings to his “No-Surprises Lifestyle” in order to maintain control in both his business and personal life. Amanda Lowery turns his world upside down when she shows up and gets a job renovating the historic mansion he wanted to demolish to make room for a highly unpopular casino in Gallant Lake, NY. Amanda and Blake are both trying to deny their painful pasts, and it takes a young boy and a romantic spirit to help them see how much they need each other. Danger lurks, but love is stronger.