Nora's Guy Next Door

The Lowery Women #2

“You’ll always be my Hot Produce Guy. And I will always love you.”

Nora Lowery Bradford loves to plan – her lists have lists. But her plans go up in baby powder when her daughter announces she’s not only pregnant, but in love and about to get married to a young man named Michael! These kids are going to need her help. Michael’s father, Asher, is just as upset as Nora about the unexpected pregnancy, but for far different reasons. He’s trying to control what he can and protect his son. When Nora buys the coffee shop next door to his studio in Gallant Lake, they both learn that sometimes life has plans of its own.

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She must have gotten chilled, or perhaps felt a burst of modesty, because she’d pulled his flannel shirt over her like a blanket and was curled up tightly under it. He stood over her, unable to put words to the emotions running through him.

Outside, the sun had finally lost its battle with the rain, which now beat steadily against the windows. Sunset was a few hours away, but shadows were already appearing in the corners of the room, currently lit only by the fireplace. For the first time ever, he wished he had more lights in this place instead of just a few cheap lamps with bare bulbs in them. He wished there were soft drapes at the windows, bringing color and warmth. He wished there was a big bed Nora could be nestled in, instead of sleeping there on his floor. He wished this was a home instead of a half-finished shell.

Before he could give that surprising revelation any more thought, Nora sighed and opened her eyes. She sat up, letting his shirt fall off one shoulder, and made room for him to sit with her. Damn, but she was beautiful.

He handed her the plate of crackers and cheese. “I don’t keep much food here, but there’s a pizza in the freezer we can heat up later. It’s not very fancy…”

Nora’s fingers pressed against his mouth, silencing him. Laughter danced in her eyes.

“Are you feeling nervous or something, sitting here almost naked with me and offering crackers and cheese?”

Oh, he was definitely feeling something.

“I like sitting here almost naked with you.” He ran his gaze up and down her body, taking a moment to appreciate her soft, pale skin and trembling smile. “But yeah, it’s a little…unexpected…to be here like this. With you. With anyone. Here. Now.”

He was devolving into single-word sentences again. He took a piece of cheese and ate it, just to shut himself up.

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