Sweet Nothings by Moonlight

Rendezvous Falls #2.5

He’s back to prove their love is worth another chance, but old secrets may jeopardize his plans for a new beginning.

The last person Evie Rosario ever expected to see back in Rendezvous Falls was Mark Hudson. High school sweethearts despite their vastly different upbringings, she thought they were meant to be—until he left suddenly with no explanation. Now focused on her family’s business, Evie’s invested in her future, not her past, no matter how good Mark still looks. She hates that the spark is still there, but is he really here to stay?

After a decade away, Mark’s heart still races each time he sees Evie. He left town years ago thinking he was protecting her from his family’s scheming, but all he did was hurt her and forego his dreams of being an artist, forced to follow a path that’s never been his. Mark has never stopped loving Evie, and he’s returned to right the wrongs that pulled them apart. But, with her guard up, will he be able to convince her they deserve a second chance at first love?

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