Music Monday, Nora's Guy Next Door

Music Monday – Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Asher & Nora)

Of all my couples, Nora and Asher of Nora’s Guy Next Door are the two who truly understand how fragile life can be. Nora lost a husband. Asher lost a son. And while their story is all about moving on and embracing life and love, the reality of losing someone is surely never far from their minds.

So I can picture the two of them sitting out on the wide covered porch of the log home Asher built on Gallant Mountain, with Meghan Trainor’s beautiful song, Like I’m Gonna Lose You, playing in the background. They’ve watched the sunset together, talking about their day and enjoying a a glass of wine for Nora, whiskey for Asher. The song comes up on Nora’s playlist, and Asher stands and pulls a surprised Nora out of her chair and into his arms. And there, on a warm spring night (spring will get warm eventually, right?), the two of them dance together in the moonlight. Nora’s head rests on his shoulder, and when Meghan and John Legend stop singing, Asher leads her upstairs to continue their slow dance…

Music Monday, The Writing Life

Music Monday – All of Me

I’ve mentioned “perfect love songs” before. Maybe I feel that way about so many of them because there are so many facets of true love, which leaves plenty of opportunities for songs to capture a piece of the love journey. No list of perfect love songs would be complete without John Legend’s All of Me. This song is so lovely, and so full of love. The video has John and his funny, feisty, devoted wife, model Chrissy Teigen (seriously – I adore her and their love story). This is one of those songs that captures me, that makes me stop and listen every time I hear it.