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Music Monday – Millionaire

I have a deadline this week (TOMORROW!!!), so I’m skidding in here to quickly share a bluesy country song I just heard a few days ago and immediately added to my love song playlist. Chris Stapleton’s Millionaire is all about appreciating having the love of a great woman, and what really matters in life. That’s a lot like the June Harlequin Superromance I’m just finishing edits on – The Life She Wants. Two strong people on different life paths, and how the hero (finally…) realizes what he should be working to win.

People look at her and they look at me
And say “That boy is sure living in luxury”

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Music Monday: To Harry & Meghan

In honor of this morning’s happy news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their engagement, I’m sharing music from British singer, Ed Sheeran, with his beautiful Thinking Out Loud. As someone who believes in “forever love,” this song really touches my heart. As a romance writer, I wish Harry and Meghan (the handsome prince and his American beauty who are adorable together) this very same kind of love. Here’s to real life fairy tales!

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Music Monday: Something I’m Good At

I’m going for a more light-hearted look at love with this week’s choice. In fact, I’m thinking I need to write this hero – the lovable goofball whose main talent is that he can always make his girl smile. I’m picturing a guy who just kind of glides through life having a good time, and then he meets a serious girl who knocks him off his feet. What do you think? Sound like a romance you’d read?

Music Monday, The Writing Life

Music Monday – I Met A Girl

Last week I talked about “perfect” love songs and why there are so many. But today I’m going to another favorite type of love song – one that captures a relationship moment beautifully. In “I Met A Girl”, the lyrics capture a romance at its very beginning, and the sweet, uncertain, awe-filled thoughts of a guy who’s falling in love and can’t believe his good fortune. New love is a precious thing, don’t you think?

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Music Monday – All of Me

I’ve mentioned “perfect love songs” before. Maybe I feel that way about so many of them because there are so many facets of true love, which leaves plenty of opportunities for songs to capture a piece of the love journey. No list of perfect love songs would be complete without John Legend’s All of Me. This song is so lovely, and so full of love. The video has John and his funny, feisty, devoted wife, model Chrissy Teigen (seriously – I adore her and their love story). This is one of those songs that captures me, that makes me stop and listen every time I hear it.

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Music Monday – The Rest of Our Life

This is a brand new song that really caught my ear, and my heart. You can’t go wrong with superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who have been married for 21 years (same as Himself and I).

The video surprised me at first, because they are having one heck of an argument through most of it. But the reality of it all hit home with me – every marriage has its ups and downs and passes through different phases. I’ve had my share of stomping-away-in-anger moments.

But then there’s that little smile, a twinkle in the eye that says “you know we’re being silly” and you both realize your love is bigger and deeper than whatever stupid thing you’re arguing about. And whatever comes, remembering that you’re in this thing with each other for the long haul can carry you through “those storm clouds brewing…”

Yeah, this one belongs on the romance playlist, for sure…….

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Music Monday – That’s When I Knew…

Nora's Guy Next Door Nothing the Same (2)I think this song by Alicia Keys is probably one of the truest love songs ever. Because love often doesn’t arrive with rainbows and choirs and fireworks. Attraction and lust can show up like that, but love? True love tends to sneak up on us, and it can arrive at the oddest times. A word. A touch. Riding in the car and glancing at each other. Just another dance that turns into THE dance. Passing in the hall and stopping for a sweet, lingering kiss that leads to the realization that your life just changed forever. This song captures that sweet surprise perfectly. Enjoy!