The Life She Wants

The Lowery Women #3

He's looking to shoot to the top. She's looking to slow the hell down. When their paths cross, they have to reevaluate...everything.

Shane Brannigan is a hotshot sports agent on his way to the top. He wants that fancy corner office, if only to prove to his late father's memory that he was the "best". Melanie Lowery is a former supermodel looking to slow down her life and embrace her recovery from addiction. Gallant Lake seems like the perfect place to do just that. When Shane's teenage golf phenom client befriends Mel, they end up working together to guide her through the pitfalls of sudden fame. Along the way, Shane and Mel will have to reexamine their definitions of success before they can find their way to a lasting love.

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“Do you want to talk about it?”


Neither of them moved. His fingers slid to the side of her face and tucked a stray strand of silky hair behind her ear. Her nostrils flared when he ran a fingertip along the edge of that ear. So he did it again. His thumb rubbed across her lower lip, and her breathing hitched.

It was fascinating. He was watching his fingers move across her skin without any sensation of directing them. They just seemed to know what to do. His other hand skimmed up her arm and slid along the curve of that beautiful neck. He could smell her cologne, but it didn’t make him think about Nana anymore. This was Mel’s scent now, and he’d never get it out his head.

Shane wasn’t the possessive type. He’d never been a chest-thumper, proclaiming any woman “belonged” to him. Women came and went from his life, and none of them really left a ripple, except maybe in his wallet. But Mel, this woman, staring at him with those wide eyes, trembling just a little at his touch, barely breathing. This woman was going to leave a lot more than a ripple. He had no doubt that this woman might tear his life, and his heart, apart if he let her. And still…he wanted her. He wanted her to be his.

A furrow appeared between her brows.

“Shane…” His name was a whisper on her lips.

“Say that again.”

Her eyes darkened, and the furrow faded as a smile teased her lips. Her voice was stronger this time.

“Shane. What are we doing?”

“Damned if I know, but I’m not stopping unless you tell me to.”

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